Tax-Free Cash Flow Using a Self Directed IRA!

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Real Estate

Many investors are surprised to learn it is possible to invest in real estate using their IRAs.

Using self-directed IRAs and other retirement accounts, you can hold a variety of assets including commercial property, residential property, raw land, tax liens, promissory notes, private entities, and more.

Many investors open self-directed accounts to diversify their portfolios with alternative investments, within a tax-advantaged environment.

Though some investors may not have heard of the concept, self-directed investing is nothing new. Since IRAs were introduced in 1974, the IRS has only listed a handful of items that are not permitted in an IRA. (See IRS Publication 590 for the list.)

What’s the Catch?

If nearly any investment is allowed in an IRA, why haven’t you heard of it before? It could be because many IRA providers don’t offer this type of account. You must open an account with a custodian that’s qualified to offer self-directed accounts.

Once you invest in real estate in self-directed IRA all of your real estate profits from a fix and flip or your month cash flow from your rental properties will grow TAX-FREE! 

Discover how investing in real estate in your Self-Directed IRS can allow you to invest in real estate TAX -FREE. See this brief case in the video below showing how this investor's duplex rental is generating $1,800 a month, tax-free.



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